Monday, November 24, 2014

Toadstool ornaments...

I am hosting another handmade ornament swap.  This year's theme has to do with Woods/ I thought toadstools would be perfect.

I love toadstools...and toadstool ornaments are so cute!  And fun to make.  They make me happy.

I made a zillion polyclay toadstools...some VERY tiny.

And I put them into some wreaths...

 I also made some bigger ones and put them into nests...

then I made some felt ones, just because....

Now I just have to decide which ones to use!  Or should I make some more???   Hmmmmm

Sunday, November 23, 2014

Saturday, November 22, 2014

crocheting cards...

I co-sponsor the crochet club at our local school.    Each year we teach the kids crochet basics before starting on projects.  Right now we are working on Christmas ornaments for a tree in our town square.   Each year, 50 trees are decorated by local establishments and it is first come, first serve.  I applied the first day they announced it was open and we got a tree!

Anyway, our students are all new to crochet so we had to keep things really simple.  We are making things with chain and single crochet.

One of the things we did was to do a simple crocheted edge on Christmas cards.  These are some I did with the back of the card because that part was going to be trashed.

So simple that even a brand new crocheter can do them.   Just single crochet and chain stitches.
 I'm using these as gift tags on the French Market Soup mix I give out each year.  

I'm going to do a post later showing the tree that our club decorated.  It should be pretty!

Thursday, November 20, 2014

Thankful Thursday:Energy

Weird topic, right?  Energy?

I was one of THOSE KIDS that teachers hated because I never sat still.  Heck, I still don't sit still! The difference is that I am not running around the classroom with scissors making farting sounds with my arm or hand.  Yes, I was THAT kid.  And a GIRL, no less.  The shame of it all. 
I think back now and just crack myself up.  I mean it.  I bet my teachers hated me because not only did I run around the classroom, but I never shut up.  EVER.  (that part I did learn to rein in...amazing how quickly you shut up when someone calls you freckle face strawberry or chicken legs!) hahaha....oh my gosh.

Fast forward to last year when my energy came to a screeching halt.   I think it is because I'd been so sad for so long.  I just kind of got lost in all the sadness of losing loved ones...throw in losing beloved pets and a kid going to was a lot and I guess I just shut down.

But then a couple weeks ago, I felt like DOING SOMETHING for the first time in a long time. As in, I ran around the house like a dervish and got tons of stuff done.  When I sat down I remembered thinking "There you are!"  I was back.  

Which got me thinking about how THANKFUL I am to have my energy level back.  
Then, that got me thinking about people with fatigue syndrome or fibromyalgia.  They have awful problems with energy and that leads to depression.  So that got me thinking about depression.

It is such a vicious cycle...just awful and horrible stuff.  

I have always taken energy for granted but it is such a gift to have it, to be truly full of productive energy.  I don't want to ever feel like I felt again....ever.

I am so Thankful for energy.  I much prefer feeling like the energizer bunny than not......

Monday, November 17, 2014

Aw Shucks....

So, "all you" magazine featured my re-purposed wine cork canape knives in this month's edition.  

Who'd a thunk?  Not me...not in a zillion years.

They mailed me a copy as a thank you.  Here is the original post with  if you are interested....

Saturday, November 15, 2014

A night out......

For our 20th anniversary, Dean and I went to see the Phantom of the Opera!  

Here we are, on our way into the theater.

The interior was amazing, so beautiful.  It was dark though so none of my photos really came out.

It was an amazing evening.....I am so glad we took Kaela with us....Matt, you missed it!

Thursday, November 13, 2014

Thankful Thursday: Memories

I’m Thankful for memories.  (Especially FUNNY ones.)  

I've read that the strongest memories are attached to an emotion, scent or sound:
A favorite song, the sound of dog tags jingling on a collar.   The smell pumpkin bread in the fall.  
The fragrance of a baby product that pulls you back to when you used it on your own children.  
The smell of leather and hay when you walk into a stable.  

Not all memories are good, many are tough....but thankfully, our mind clouds over those memories we want to forget and year after year, slowly fades them.  Some memories can make us laugh like crazy.  To us, they are hysterical.  To someone else, it has no meaning.  Your memory is a very personal thing.  

With this year coming to a close, I look back on those precious to me that are now forever relegated to being "remembered."  I can't make new memories with them ever again.
My parents won't make new memories with me any longer.  Our 2 sweet dogs won't either. Even our son in some ways....  Now that he is in college, most of his memories from now on will not include us.  (Some I'm sure I don't WANT to know!)  

I guess what I'm trying to say is that to me, memories are really precious.  I can't tell you how hard I laugh when recalling how my sister Sheri and I went into a chocolate feeding frenzy one Thanksgiving!  Or when I saw my other sister Page whacking her dog with a dead chicken because he kept killing them.  (He never did THAT again!)  Or my brother who learned the hard way what happens when seagulls go into a feeding frenzy.   Then my kids.....Matt, at the ripe old age of 4, told a cashier she had "rat teeth" and Kaela had an unfortunate sneezing incident in a fast food bathroom while we were traveling.   OH.MY.GOSH.  

These are the things that I remember and cherish.  Good times.  I am so Thankful for the memories.  I hope and pray that I get to keep them for a long, long time......  

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