Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Happy Birthday!

Happy Birthday to my sweet lovin' man!
He went to California in February and I forgot to post those photos of his adventures....thought I'd share today!

on a hike....

at the beach...

hangin with Charlie...
and basically misbehavin....

That's my man!  I love you honey!!!!!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY!

Saturday, April 12, 2014

I love our yard...

“People from a planet without flowers would think we must be mad with joy the whole time to have such things about us.” 
― Iris Murdoch

“A garden to walk in and immensity to dream in--what more could he ask? A few flowers at his feet and above him the stars.” 
― Victor HugoLes Misérables

“A flower blossoms for its own joy.” 
― Oscar Wilde

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“The earth laughs in flowers.” 
― Ralph Waldo Emerson

Friday, April 11, 2014

Prom night

Last Saturday was PROM!    Matt's friends all met at our house this time around because Dean "knew a guy- who knew a guy- who could get him a deal on a limo!"   
Let me tell ya folks, 6 degrees of separation is totally alive and well...and we were glad of it.   They had the limo all night long and thoroughly enjoyed it.

Matt and his girlfriend.   They looked so wonderful.  I cried (duh) but only because mom wouldn't see him in his tux.  Momma always loved to see people dressed up.  She would have loved Shay, she has a beautiful heart to match her beautiful face.

Here are a few photos of them all together.  The ladies were all so lovely and the gents, equally handsome.   

Sam jazzed up her kicks for the occasion, smart girl.  Her feet weren't going to be hurting later.

Prom night for Matt is in the past and right now he is on his Senior Trip....with graduation right around the corner, our son will be gone in a flash...

Wednesday, April 9, 2014

A long goodbye to March

I decided it was time to write a new post but was stuck.  

Like with daddy, grief killed my creativity.  All I could think of for March was how utterly AWFUL it was.  So I pulled up my photos and stared at the proof that there was a lot of good, a lot of fun and a lot of love in the month too.

I think I'd rather remember the love and the good and the fun.  Wouldn't you?
So, pull up some m&ms Sheri, and a glass of wine Page, and read on....remember with me.

Matt turned 18!  

The local strawberries came out and my wineglass looked much better with one in it.  Especially this one...

We went to Florida to see my family...as you can see in this photo, we are a weird, weird, WEIRD family!  But we had mom howling so it was all worth it.  

I had a knitting lesson with a girlfriend and practiced a bit in the evenings...

I changed out our front door to celebrate St. Paddy's Day...

and did something I found on pinterest.... Worked like a charm, no slumped boots any longer, which saved room on my shelf.

We had some lovely weather which prompted us to start our basil...and set out seed.

With spring equals birds so I made a new nesting material ball...

Dean and curlygirl had a daddy-daughter day...

While Matt and I had a mother-son day...

If y'all don't have special dates with your kids, start doing it now.........time truly flies.

There was a lot more packed into the month than I had remembered.  Grief has a way of distorting everything.  But I can take the grief because it means I had someone in my life worthy of my tears.   The grief will remain with our family but so will all the good memories of our loved ones.

Saturday, April 5, 2014

A life full of color.....

March 27th my mother passed away.  
It was sudden, it was unexpected....it was totally Mom.   She always did things her way.  
Frank Sinatra may have made a particular song famous, but my mother LIVED it, every day.  (I cannot tell you her age because a lady NEVER told her age.  "You have to leave a little mystery...")

If Van Gogh were to have painted her, his palette would have been filled with all shades...of RED. Mother may have been sad sometimes but she was NEVER blue.  Heaven forbid.

My mother was over the top.  She was the life of the party...in fact, the party never got started until she arrived.  Few photos of her exist with JUST MOM.  She was a hugger and a kisser, a lover AND a fighter.
She she would shake her fist and yell... and she would laugh until she cried.  
She was spicy and spunky ( she was a Scot after all)  And, oh how my daddy loved that!

Mom sucked every bit of life out of living...and people couldn't help but get caught up in her.  She feared nothing and no one.   
Daddy, with all the love in his heart, called her Hurricane Linda when she was "on a roll."   You couldn't help but love her. You might be terrified of her at times but you simply couldn't help but want to be near her.    You could just FEEL the life force within her, trying to burst out.  
Every head turned when she walked into the room....some in fear her eye would land on them and deem them unworthy.    

As a young girl I once wondered if mom would go to heaven when she died.  I knew daddy would....he was so kind, so predictable, so easy.  
Mom was never anything remotely like that.  Sure, she could be sweet but she was never predictable and certainly never easy.  The only thing easy about her was her laugh.  It was full and rich and loud and happy and a "you just had to laugh along even if you didn't know the joke" kind of laugh...

I know now that the only place mom COULD go is heaven because God is the only being that could handle her.  I'm sure the devil himself shuddered every time she got out of bed.  I bet he ran for cover the moment her feet hit the floor.  Oh, how I wish I was more like that.

Mom, I love the laughter you taught me.  I love the LOVE you taught me. I love you.

Wednesday, March 26, 2014

Return of the fairies!

Last weekend, Dean pulled all the old vines away from the fairy bells so hopefully, we'll be hearing them soon.

I put out the new fairy house and Gunter was THRILLED!   I set it in the herb trough temporarily. Once we get the rest of the yard in order, I'll probably move it.  Fairies prefer privacy and they may not like being on the patio.

Later that night, I looked out the patio door and saw a bright light.....oh my gosh!  Someone was in the HOUSE!  I was so excited!  I grabbed my phone and took a couple photos....but the light was too bright to see anything.   I could hear sounds but not SEE inside.....the light was just too bright.

I went back outside a couple of hours later and could finally see!  A sweet little fairy fireplace was lit!   It was so late though that I could no longer hear anything.  I think everyone was asleep.

On Sunday morning, I went out to see if I could see anyone.....nope.  But I did see something.   This sweet little pathway to the entrance of the house...looks like someone was tidying up...

Later, I looked out the window and saw Gunter outside...

I asked what he was doing and he answered, "just hanging out visiting."  But when I looked in the back window, I didn't see anyone.

I am just as happy as Gunter is that the fairies have returned, even if they are a bit shy around me.

"We the fairies, blithe and anticOf dimensions not gigantic,Though the moonshine mostly keep us,Oft in orchards frisk and peep us." -Thomas Randolph

Monday, March 24, 2014

Daddy and the hummingbird game...

This past weekend was a tough one.  It was our first weekend without Ginger.  It was a beautiful weekend so we were outside working in the yard, without her.  (I noticed that the squirrels were all over our yard.  They must have told the entire clan because we had SO MANY in our yard.  Ginger would not have put up with that!)  Dean and I missed her being there with us.

I was missing daddy too.  Grief has a way of doing that to you.  You start out by missing your dog and then burst into tears and pretty soon you are thinking about your father....and that brings more tears.   

On Sunday I was in the kitchen when I saw the first hummingbird of the season flit by our window.   As I ran to the door to the garage, I was thinking, "I've gotta call daddy!"
In the 3 seconds it took my hand to hit the doorknob, I remembered that I couldn't call him.  I took a breath and kept moving, filling the feeders and putting them out.  The little hummer was oblivious to the emotions I was feeling.  Giddy and sad.....how weird is that.   The thing is that daddy and I always played the "who has the first hummingbird visit...."   Last year I won.  I think I would have won this year too....

I didn't try to photograph the little guy, he was beautiful though.  A ruby throat-ed male scout, fully colored up.  I'm sure he was a return visitor as he knew where to look for feeders.   

After I filled the feeders and set them out, I texted my sisters and brother what I usually call my dad and say. It was stupid but I didn't have anyone else to tell.   The hummingbird game was a big part of my day twice a year.  The first sighting, and the last.  Although my siblings enjoy hummingbirds, they aren't enamored with them like my father and I.  It was "our thing."   

So daddy, I'm toasting you to a wonderful season of hummingbird watching!

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